I haven’t written over here much, except for my political donations.  I see I did a top 5 back in March for the VP when Warren dropped out.  I’ve got a couple of spare minutes between my own campaign tasks, so why not update this list?

In March, I had Michelle Obama first, followed by Harris, Abrams, Klobuchar, and Warren.  The names have changed since then, as has the order.

  1. Susan Rice – I’m convinced, at least as of today, that she’s the best pick.  I’m giving most importance to the fact that she will get along with Biden very well.  She’s got foreign policy chops and some name recognition.  Downside is she hasn’t been “vetted” in a national campaign.  Also, Rs will use Benghazi against her.
  2. Kamala Harris – She might be 1a for me on this list.  Her run for President fizzled more than it sizzled, but she has a good amount of experience that helps her meet the “ready to President on Day 1” test.  Downside is maybe she doesn’t work well with Biden and might have an eye on 2024.
  3. Elizabeth Warren – She’s the most ready to President of any of the VP contenders.  I will personally be very excited about Biden’s candidacy if she’s on the ticket.  Downside is that her replacement is named by a GOP governor (unless they change MA law) and she’s not exactly a bridge to the next generation, since she’s in her 70s.
  4. Val Demings – She’s got a good background and, if you like that sort of thing, she’s probably more middle of the road, like Biden.  Downside is lack of vetting in a national campaign and lack of national name.  Is she ready to be President on day one?
  5. Keisha Lance Bottoms – About the same comments for her as Demings.

I had thought about putting Tammy Duckworth on here, but her recent comments on statues might have done her in.

Dark Horse – NM Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

That’s my list.  Who do I think it’ll be?  Kamala.  And I’m OK with that.