This space and I have undergone some changes since the last post when I was an active duty member of the Air Force, stationed in Iraq.  At the urging of my best friend, Professor Mondo (see blogroll for his link), I’ll try and route my occasional thoughts and recommendations through this blog here.

As you may know, I previously wrote a little at a blog called A Liberal JAG.  I have also posted comments at the Professor’s blog under the name, MajorMadDog.  I’m a major (ret.) now and letting my hippie side out a little bit more.  I’m letting the hair grow (at least until someone tells me to get it cut) and I’m working at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as an investigator.  Even though I’m not working as an attorney right, now, I’m knee deep in consumer law and still licensed to practice, so, I’m going to keep the Esquire.