Just six days to go until the deadline. I think I’m on track. I got up to 36 signatures today. So, I’ll probably talk about this more in future posts, but one of my goals in this campaign is to get to every neighborhood in the district. I’m going to try to talk to as many residents of District 4 as I can. Since I’ve passed the 25 signature requirement and now I’m just padding my numbers as an insurance policy, I figure for the rest of the signature gathering time, I’m going to start working on covering the map. I’m starting in the neighborhoods near mine. Knock on doors. Introduce myself. Listen to what the residents have to say and what they care about.

Yeah, I said residents. I’ve been thinking about this process. Right now, my petition has to be signatures from registered voters from District 4. But registered voters aren’t the only people who would be affected by my Commission votes. Seems like I’m a representative for all residents of the District and even Knox County. So I’m going to listen to what people say and engage with them when I can, even if they’re not registered voters.

It’s Friday night and my college kiddo is downstairs watching TV. He’s hanging with me this weekend, a couple of days away from the dorms. The cheer kiddo has a competition in Gatlinburg the next couple of days and Susan is doing the hard work of being a cheer mom without me this weekend. Normally, I would be there to help, but my mom has been having a tough time the last couple of months and I can’t leave her home alone – even with the college kiddo here to help. I’ll be missing my girls this weekend and cheering, in absentia anyway, all the Diamonds All Stars teams on to victory. Go hit, girls – zero deductions!