Aside from my own race, there are a number of interesting races on the ballot on August 6. I pulled the Democratic primary ballot, which comes with the Knox County general election ballot. I think there are also some interesting races in the Republican primaries. So why not weigh in?

In the case of the Democratic primaries, I have already voted, so I’ll be telling you how I voted, rather than for whom I intend to vote.

Democratic primary for Senate. I like Marquita Bradshaw, but Mackler is both a veteran and a lawyer. In fact, it looks like he was a JAG. Maybe he stole my schtick, but I had to vote for him because of that.

Democratic primary for TN-2. Renee Hoyos, of course.

State Senate District 6 – I opted for Jane George. She was kind enough to have me on her FB live once. I think she’s a solid candidate. And I’ve never met her opponent.

State House District 14 – Justin Davis was unopposed, so Justin. Zachary needs to get gone.

In the County general election races, I would vote for any of the Democratic candidates. I also voted for Sherif Guindi and Jackson Fenner, the independent candidates.

In the Republican race for Senate, between Hagerty and Sethi, I’ll go with Hagerty. Hagerty feels like he’ll be a run of the mill Republican once Trump is gone, while Sethi would be a true believer. Between the two, I’ll vote Mackler in the general.

I want to weigh in on TN House District 15, even though it’s not my district. I think Rick Staples is taking PAC money, so that leaves him out. I don’t know Sam McKenzie except what I’ve seen on the Charter Review Committee. There, he’s been a solid vote for the Jacobs Bloc. Matthew Park, on the other hand, is a solid progressive. He’s the Elizabeth Warren of that race (and you know how much I admire Warren). Pick Park!

In the Republican primary for TN House District 18, it’s between Gina Oster and Eddie Mannis. Oster feels like a Trump Republican and the Republicans think Mannis is basically a Democrat. In the general, I’m for Victoria Couch, but in the Republican primary, go Mannis.

In the Republican primary for TN House District 16, it’s between Michelle Carringer and Patti Bounds. Bounds is from the School board and Carringer from County Commission. I’ve seen Carringer in action on the Commission and at the Charter Review Committee meetings. Here’s the thing about Carringer. If it’s a contentious vote, she’ll pass first time through to see which way the wind is blowing and then, only after everyone else has voted, she’ll change her vote to match the winning side. Lacks the courage of her convictions. Bounds is the better choice here, with a vote for Elizabeth Rowland in the general.