I walked about 4.5 miles today and added about 10,000 steps to my Apple Watch. In addition to my own neighborhood (Laurens Glen), I also visited a nearby neighborhood called Fox Hollow and some houses on Clear Brook Drive and Shoreham Blvd. I got up to 47 signatures and I’m probably about done. I may walk another neighborhood tomorrow afternoon depending on the weather and my sore left leg (thanks to walking 4.5 miles in Crocs). But even if I don’t get any more signatures, I think I’m good to turn in the petition on Monday. If it turns out I have more than 20 signatures that don’t match, I’ll still have time to make up whatever I don’t have on Tuesday and Wednesday. Deadline is Thursday at noon.

I think one of the best things about doing this neighborhood walking is the chance to have more in depth conversations with some people. Yeah, some folks are wary and don’t want to engage with you. And some are outright hostile for whatever reason (including the guy today who clearly wasn’t jazzed about signing a Democrat’s petition). But then sometimes I get to meet people like the couple who are originally from Romania. Or the single dad who used to work at Oak Ridge and now he works in the CBD industry. Or the fellow who wanted me to work and explain to him my positions before he would give me his signature. Regardless of what happens next August, I’m sure this is going to be a life-changing experience for me.