Last week before the Covid-19 quarantines really kicked in, I taped a 15 minute segment on local cable – Democratic TV Live. This is my second opportunity to be on local TV here in Knox County in conjunction with my campaign. I wrote about the first time here.

A couple of notes about the taping.

  • There’s a reason I wear t-shirts almost exclusively. That collared shirt with tie made my neck look really fat. I’m not saying that TV adds 15 pounds, because those pounds are all mine. I have the appetite to prove it. But the shirt and tie were not flattering. If you watch and want to comment, please be kind.
  • I came out of the taping thinking I had done a little too much “um-ing.” When we were talking after the fact, they reassured me it wasn’t as bad as I thought. They were right. Still, too many “ums” for my taste, though.
  • My section is the last 15 minutes of the show. The first 15 minutes is another of the Democratic candidates – Courtney Durrett – from the 2nd District. She was excellent and really made a good case for her candidacy. She’ll be an excellent rep on the Commission. If you’ve got the time, give her segment a watch.
  • Just as with my first time on the local cable, I was advised not to mention my campaign website. This time they explained that the reason for that is because of fundraising. Campaign websites usually have donate buttons. I pointed out that I’m not doing that and they thought maybe I could mention my website since I don’t do fundraising that way. But I really didn’t want to cause DTV to have any issues, so I just avoided mentioning the website and went with the email addresses like I did last time.
  • The show aired the first time at 7:30 p.m. this evening and then was put up online. To be honest, I was dreading watching it. I came out not sure how I did and was worried it was going to look bad. I just finished watching it and, aside from the fat neck issue, I think I did OK. OK enough that I’m going to share the link on my social media. It’s 15 minutes of your life, but with the virus raging outside, maybe you have a couple of minutes to spare.
  • I’m gonna share the link here. I’m not able to embed at this point, so please click below.