What with Covid and the online stuff I’ve been doing for my own campaign, there hasn’t been much time to write here.  College basketball went away.  The Democratic nomination is pretty much sewn up by Biden, although someone needs to tell Bernie.  Still, the down ballot races are moving, albeit more slowly.  Today’s the quarterly deadline, so there’s some urgency on the part of campaigns.  The quarterly deadline also applies to me.  I’ll be filling out my quarterly financial disclosure, tomorrow I think.  As always, these donations don’t include anything I’m giving to myself.  If you want to see that info, you can check out toddfrommeyer.com.  I should have my post about that up in the next day or two.

I haven’t really given much thought to this month’s donations.  We’ve been making other charitable donations because of the Covid crisis.  Notably to the Knoxville Zoo.  Plus, I’m doing home school (ish) with the 5th grader of the house.  But I guess I know where I want my $20 to go this month.

Now that Warren is out of the race, it’s an easy call for me to be with Biden.  I’m a progressive, not a revolutionary.  Biden can beat Trump.  I don’t think Bernie can.  Plus, Biden will help down ballot.  $5 to Biden.

I’m with Renee Hoyos, who is running to unseat Tim Burchett, the former Knox County Mayor and current member of the House of Representatives from the 2nd District here in Tennessee.  $5 to Renee.

I’m going to give $5 to the Knox County Dems, as I’ve done the last few months.

My wild card this week is Amy McGrath.  I’m skeptical that she can beat Mitch McConnell, but my copy of Mitch, Please came today, so I’m willing to throw $5 at the candidate who is trying to send Mitch packing.

See you next month.