I’m playing in a band. I think we were on hiatus, if that’s what you want to call it, for 3 years. I say hiatus just because no one was doing anything else music-wise. We just had jobs and kids and stopped playing for a while. So there wasn’t a big break up or anything. We just stopped playing.

Anyway, we had like 3 regular fans not counting family. One of those has a daughter who is getting married in September and she asked if we could play the wedding. We’re not getting paid, but hey, why not? One last hurrah for me before I have a birthday that I’m not looking forward to.

We ran through all of the sets at our last practice on Saturday. We do a lot of classic rock and wedding-type songs, but also some fun songs for the band to play. And what do you think was the one song that gave me chills when I sang it? Freebird. Go figure.