Back in July, I wrote a post about impeachment and, mostly, my thoughts haven’t changed.  As I look back on that post, I think I was too easy on Speaker Pelosi.  She’s dragged her feet on this issue as the numbers in her caucus in favor of impeachment have increased.  I’m waiting to see what she does with the current Trump scandal.  Let’s see if she can follow through with her veiled threat.  The argument that Pelosi is taking the heat for Representatives in purple districts is not convincing me anymore.

For me, it comes down to a couple of things.  First, this is starting to look like worrying about getting reelected, rather than trying to do something.  Sure the House has passed some bills, but nothing that’s really going to get past the Senate.  I don’t support a Democratically controlled House of Representatives which has as its main goal to make sure they can hold onto the majority at the next election.  I think this strategy comes straight from the top, therefore, Pelosi bears the blame for this.

Second, the Democrats just look weak.  They took the majority in 2018 as a check on Trump.  They’re afraid to do this thing because of…Trump?  Or his voters?  I think the Dems are in a good position to hold the majority next time, all things considered.  But Trump could win reelection despite his scandals.  Be the check you were supposed to be.

Third, I’m having a hard time understanding which voters they’re scared of losing, especially in light of this most recent scandal.  Sure Trump is going to go all “witch hunt” if they start impeachment.  But any voters who listen to that nonsense weren’t voting for a D candidate anyway.  The upside is that an impeachment proceeding gets the nation’s attention.  This guy’s corrupt as hell.  I think the upside outweighs the downside of Trump’s claim of being persecuted.

Fourth, if you’re saying that the Senate isn’t going to vote to remove Trump from office anyway, I think the answer to that is maybe it’s a good idea to force all Senators to go on the record and vote not to convict him.  The fact that he won’t be removed from office isn’t the only thing that matters in sending this to the Senate.

It’s just time.  Start the impeachment proceedings now, Nancy!