Choice, Money, Service

CHOICE – I’ve been in Knoxville for over 4 years. On past election days, I’ve been disappointed to see how many races include a candidate running unopposed. I decided I should do something about that.

MONEY – At the national level and even at the local level, politics is awash with money. It skews things in terrible ways. It makes it seem like only the wealthy or well off can have a say and be able to run for office. My campaign is not going to be focused on money or fundraising or big spending and I will call out my opponent at every opportunity for bringing big money into the campaign.

SERVICE – Public service is an unalloyed good. After 20 years in the military and traveling all over this country and all over the world, I’ve found the place I’m going to call home for the rest of my life. I’m running to try and serve the people of Knox County and make their lives better in whatever way I can.