KY ANG recruting JAGs

2021-01-19T20:49:43+00:00August 30, 2007|Maddog Esquire|

Here's the story. But when they say, Positions in the Kentucky Army National Guard are traditional "mobilization day" slots, which requires attending drill two days a month and annual training [...]

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Executive Order on torture

2021-01-19T20:49:44+00:00August 30, 2007|Maddog Esquire|

This is a very good post talking about the President's recent Executive Order, freeing up the CIA potentially to use "highly coercive, non-Geneva compliant interrogation techniques." If the post and [...]

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Let’s see where this one goes

2021-01-19T20:49:44+00:00August 24, 2007|Maddog Esquire|

Michael Weinstein of Military Religious Freedom Foundation looks set to be suing the Department of Defense "to make sure Defense treats religion neutrally, and that religious proselytizing is barred at [...]

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Religion in the military

2021-01-19T20:49:45+00:00August 23, 2007|Maddog Esquire|

Here's an interesting opinion piece from the LA Times. Its author, Michael Weinstein, is the guy behind the investigation of the AF Academy for being a hot-bed of evangelical christian [...]

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