Susan Beth has inspired me.  The Mad Doc recently starting taking some online leadership and management courses through the University of Notre Dame.  She did a 4 week Women in Leadership course that she really enjoyed, so she decided to follow that up and go full gonzo on a 40 week/5 course smorgasboard of executive leadership and management courses.

This first of those 5 courses is management and includes a block of the law.  I figured it was a sign, so I went back to the Ohio Attorney Portal and requested to turn my inactive status to active.  All it took was $350 and I guess I’m an attorney again.  As a practical matter, all this means is that I’ll need to start doing Continuing Legal Education.  If I want to actually practice in Tennessee, I have to take the bar exam.  Tennessee has reciprocity with Ohio, but since I haven’t been practicing for 5 years, I don’t qualify to get waived in here in the Volunteer State.

The next bar exam in Tennessee is July 27 & 28, 2021.  Maybe that’s my next goal?